WordPress Service & Support Plans

Get hosting from a Recommended Managed WordPress Hosting Providers for Support Discounts!

Use one of these hosts? Want to switch to one of these hosts? If yes, it will enable a discount!

WPEngine || Pressable

Pantheon || Godaddy Managed WP Hosting

Let us make WordPress Worky Stuff Easy for you! Here’s how to start…

  1. Pick your Plan.
  2. Click the ‘Inquire Now’ plan to send us an email request.
  3. We will confirm your hosting provider if its a Recommended Host then the discounted rate will be available!
  4. Next we send an invoice for the Quarterly subscription.
  5. Start the subscription ($$$) and we start the Worky Stuff!

Recommended Hosting Service and Support Rates

No one wants to put around in a broken down Yugo when they could ride in a Tesla! Same goes for hosting. Let us drive in style and our rates drop!

Or for Non-Recommended Hosting Service and Support Rates

Hey! We get. We can’t always use the easiest or fastest hosts with all the backup bells and whistles. We’re here to give you a hand up!

We provide Weekly or Daily Backup options as well.

Just Launch a New Site? Perfect time for a WordPress Service and Support Plan!

Once we have your site built out right and humming along, we can easily manage and maintain the site for you for a low quarterly fee.

Prices start at less than a dollar a day!

That’s a lot less expensive your own time learning and executing technical steps on a website let alone paying an employee.


Ready, Set, Launch, Feedback, Perspective ….. Aha!!!!

A Better Mousetrap if we just do this…

Many of us get great ideas just after launching a new site. Once we finally see our vision come to life, we see even more possibilities. Our visitors and clients and members point out things that only they can see. We see how well the site works and develop additional ways to grow and build out the site even more!

So many of these adjusting ideas, ideas that we experience during an ‘Aha! Moment’ when things just click into place, these ideas do not require a full on project.

Subscribing to a quarterly plan that includes a few hours of paid development time empowers our clients to tune things up just right.  Instead of allowing all those great ideas to pile up over 2-3 years or get lost on a legal pad of paper with to do lists.  Just zap them to us in email and we’ll keep executing them for you until we hit the budget for the quarter.


It’s a great way…

  • to build out your website,
  • iterate improvements into your business,
  • perfect performance over time,
  • and keep project costs down.

Our prepaid development rates are discounted from our normal hourly rates so you save money too!

More info about Discounts on Service & Support with Recommended Hosting Providers

WordPress Service and Support Plans based on Hosting Providers

We provide two different WordPress Service and Support plans based on the hosting provider running the site. Our WP Service plan pricing reflects a discount for clients utilizing certain Managed WordPress hosting solutions that already include WordPress updates and nightly backups and sometimes better security.

Plus, these hosts are familiar to us, we recommend them and they are less challenging to work on! Pick a great host to run your site and servicing and supporting that site is a pleasure.

If your company has not yet been able to migrate to a modern Managed WordPress hosting company yet, we can still help you. We charge more for these services.

WordPress Service and Support FAQs

What are your normal hourly rates?
We generally charge $75 per hour for WordPress related work and development.
Do the hours have to be used during the quarter?


When you pay in advance we’re prepared to work for you for that quarter and for those hours.  We’re booked and ready to go!

This does mean that you must use those hours during the quarter.

We can’t stay booked indefinitely!

This provides a good incentive to make positive change happen now.  Don’t save it up for a massive wish list 3 years from now that will break the budget and possibly confuse a developer that doesn’t understand your business.

Does the subscription automatically charge my credit card?


This is setup as a subscription. When you commit to automatic payments, we commit to plan to be there ready to work for you until the subscription ends.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. We do not offer refunds. We do not prorate refunds.

When can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription anytime.
Can I get a refund on my subscription if I cancel?


We do not offer refunds. We do not prorate refunds. When a subscription is charged, we agree to be there to work for you for the next quarter.

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