Web Design Solutions for WordPress Content Management Systems

The Steps are Simple

  • Establish a hosting plan through our trusted and preferred hosting provider Pressable or WPEngine. (We love and work with both of them!)
  • Choose a Theme – Many Themes are available for a very small amount of money – Great examples below! (Custom Grahpic Design Services are also Available)
  • Softduit will Setup Your Content Management System powered by WordPress
  • Then we will Optimize Your System and Automate the system for future Optimization as new content is created or as old content changes.
  • Finally, we will provide Training Services so that your team can manage your Content and Website without having to pay on-going web consultant fees.
  • If you need Content Strategy Services or training or tools to help your team successfully publish content that not only attracts new visitors, clients, customers, subscribers, or fans, but also brings in the right people, we can help!  A good website doesn’t just dump strangers at your front door, it brings the right people primed and ready for the services or content that you provide.

Web Design & Business Blog Setup

  • Softduit Media provides website and design services covering everything from straightforward business websites to Publishing and Blog Marketing setups to shopping cart setup and deployment for:
    • Businesses, Publishers, Entertainers and Performers, Writers & Authors, and Online Retailers
  • Contact us for a Request for Proposal if you are interested in establishing a new website for your company, business, or career.
  • Content Management System Setups (Blog Setups) – Anyone can setup a blog, but setting it up correctly to perform well and generate business takes skill and experience.  We can work with you to setup your blog to fit with your work culture, make it easy to operate and manage, and deliver the results you are looking for.
    • Many of the tools that we utilize are ‘free’ developed over many years by thousands of developers around the world in open source projects.  The ‘free’ tools make our costs extremely low, but it is our skill in configuring the ‘free’ tools together that delivers results.
  • Website Upgrades – If your website is in need of an upgrade, if it is not bringing your business traffic targeted on your keywords, or if your customers can barely find your site in a Google search, we can help!
    • We can transition your site, upgrade it, redesign it, or even recycle portions of the site into a new system that will perform substantially better.
    • Post upgrade your business team will be able to manage the content of the site and you will not need to pay a web designer or a web consultant additional fees for every little thing that needs to be done to update the site.
    • Contact us today for a price estimate.
  • WordPress Upgrades, Plugin Upgrades and Theme Upgrades – Current versions of WordPress make the upgrades of WordPress, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress themes relatively easy.  Easy to push the button.  Easy to deal with the results if everything works.  Every now and then some specialty themes or plugins may not be compatible with new versions of WordPress or vice versa.  We can help and prepare for the upgrade, prepare to find replacement plugin or theme solutions if needed, even roll your site back to a working state.  (Roll backs are only possible if we started the upgrade first because we make Backups!)

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