Do you need a website assessment?

There are lots of free automated website assessments. Please feel free to try a couple if you’re interested. They can offer some very useful information and tips.
They are not perfect, and sometimes miss things that are there or miss things that are not there.
The biggest challenge with the free assessments are that it’s very difficult to figure out what any websites real priorities are. Sometimes a score will not compute and point to improper use of an H1 tag, but maybe the real issue with the site is that it lacks any type of coherent content. Or maybe worse, the page has been optimized for search engines like crazy and to the point where they only make sense to robots and not humans.
If you want an assessment done by an actual humans for humans, we would be happy to help.
We can provide an initial consultation, or we can perform various levels of deeper assessments reviewing your online business, your products and solutions, your social media presence and much more. We can investigate if your backup and security preparations are sufficient or if there is room for improvement. We might even build a help you save money on existing backup and security arrangements. We be happy to take a look at the speed optimization on your site and your hosting costs to determine if there is a better path forward for you there as well.
We can also provide some additional work when you want an objective writeup of what work should be done on your website, but you specifically do not want to hire the company that’s preparing the scope.

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