We are very excited to attend the New Media Expo in Las Vegas this year.  It will be our third year at the show, and historically this has been one of the best shows, expos, conferences of the year.

In past years, this was known as the Podcast and New Media Expo, but the name has changed to the New Media Expo.  Tim Bourquin runs the show and does a fantastic job every year for attendees, exhibitors and everyone involved.  This is one of the best shows to meet people, learn the best new techniques and tools, and have some great in depth discussions on where we are all going in the New Media industry.

Moving the show from Ontario California to Las Vegas Nevada will definitely add some zing to this show and help it to grow faster, so I am expecting this show to have some record turn out compared to past years.  Since the show is taking place in Las Vegas in August, all exhibitors will be able to save a great deal of money on their Vegas visit.  This is the slow season for Vegas and there are lots of great hotel deals out there.  Many people have picked up comped rooms, super cheap deals and even if you are booking last minute (like I always do) you can still get to and from Vegas at rock bottom prices. 

Here are just a few of the areas covered in depth at the conference every year:

  • Audio & Video Recording Devices
  • Video Editing Tools and Services
  • Audio Editing Tools and Services
  • Content Hosting & Delivery
  • Microphones, Mixers and Recorders
  • Pro Audio & Video Equipment
  • Subscription Tools & Services
  • Advertising & Monetization Services
  • RSS & Delivery Services
  • Media Playback Devices
  • Content Creation Computers
  • Virtual World Content
  • User-Generated Content
  • Mobile Content & Delivery
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Portable Media Devices
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