Saving Tabs for 2018 and beyond in Safari

MacWorld cites what may be one of the only ways to do this since Apple deprecated Extensions in Safari 2012 and killed off the extensions mentioned further down/originally in this article.

While the new Safari way works, its by no means as easy or as fast as the tools created with Extensions.

  1. Select a window with tabs.

  2. Choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmarks for These X Tabs, where X is the number of tabs.

  3. Pick a folder and enter a name for the bookmarks folder created from the window.

Update 2019 Open Tabs no more

This year I’m working to turn over a new leaf and publish, quickly open browser tabs as research ‘Asides’ in a category of their own. They might only be a Title a sentence and a link, or they may be more.  The main goal is to get these ideas collected and searchable to hold the knowledge within my organization.

So many new WordPress tools and web services are coming out that I find it more useful to capture them with my thoughts an impressions.

I’m hoping to avoid ‘Re-Googling’ for the same solution (that might not get used and even less likely to be remembered).  I need to capture my spot decisions, impressions and more. Then update those as needed if things change.

If you are looking for Safari Tab Managers, browser extensions or add ons, well they were here, but the ones we list no longer work.
In 2019, I started quickly publishing tabs off as ‘Asides’ (more details below).
It’s still not what I personally need but its close.
In early 2020, I also started quick sharing many tabs straight into my twitter feed @wpthemespeed .

This too is still not a tab manager. From what I can find in search, everyone else seems to have the same problem. This article from early 2020, states that it has best safari extensions and 15 of them, but only one actually saves tabs and that extension as of 3-9-2020 (2 months later) doesn’t work.

So do you have something that does work? Drop us a line in our chat window or on twitter. Would love to know or see something!

Will share if we find anything.


Sessions Tab manager

Update – These next 2 extensions no longer work. Safari killed/deprecated all extensions in Safari 12.  

I used this one every day and miss it quite a bit, one of the things driving me to use Chrome more from here on out.

If you find a new way to save all tabs in Safari, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Sessions tab manager for safari has been depricated-2

The second (and might go away) I like even better.

It’s called Sessions. It has export options, displays the Text of the tab and the full hyperlink next to it. Available through Github, not the safari extension area

You can export to html or copy paste everything into a document or spreadsheet to sort, organize, order, and add to to-do lists or more!

Sessions Safari Tab Manager in action

Sessions Safari Tab Manager in action

What can you use it for?

Get too many open tabs, it slows down your computer and risks losing them during a crash.

This saves all that!

Better, allows you to organize those ideas (in the tabs) somewhere else so that you can do something useful with them, write a blog article, work into a project, add some notes and context somewhere and more.


Tab Lister

The first is called Tab Lister and its a free extension.

Quickly grabs everything and lets you save it.
moviebox apk download

Tab Lister in Safari Extensions


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