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This video enlists many social sharing options that Brett Bumeter presents and also describes some benefits of sharing content online as mentioned by Warren Whitlock.
Warren starts by expressing his concern about the Digg Digg toolbar and not being able to see the numbers on the toolbar and they float off the screen. He mentions trying to resize and couple of other solutions but without luck. He finds out that maybe it’s due to the number of buttons that he had which was creating a lot of outbound links thus messing the overall feel of the toolbar on different devices other than the computer.
Brett addresses this issue by emphasizing the concepts of responsiveness and adaption of different devices to different themes. Old models of the web used to take into account separate themes for different devices, whereas, the new models now uses an adaptive theme that re-sizes according to the device be it an iPad, a smartphone or a computer.

    Brett goes on to list some options of social sharing –

  • Sexy Bookmark – He recommends this as an old fashioned but very effective toolbar which is supported well. User has the option of inserting buttons at the top or bottom of the article and can have different display settings.
  • Social Widgets Plugin – This plugin allows a user to insert social buttons which are more like personal contact buttons enabling the user to connect with the author. This could be inserted as a widget into the sidebar or a header.
  • Studio Press Theme Framework – Brett mentions this having a plugin that allows a user to insert widgets into the menu system thus creating a responsive menu system.

Brett also suggests having the social tools in rotation thus not overwhelming the user with plenty of options and instead sticking to one option at a time and monitoring the experience to figure out the most used social sharing medium.
Warren emphasizes the advantages of having social sharing on your website to enable visitors to get the word out, share your content and thus making you reach out to a wider audience. He also describes an example of a game indicating two different approaches for sharing taking into consideration the user feedback.
Future In Depth and Comprehensive Review coming
We’re going through an extensive review of new social sharing plugins now.
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