Quick Video Tip – Poll Add on for gravity forms – how it works!

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Client Tips

This is just a quick video that shows how to set up polls on gravity forms. It requires a gravity forms developer license. You can then download and install the poll add-on for gravity forms. The video shows how to then quickly and easily create a poll and display the results of that poll with gravity forms.
Gravity Forms Developer license renewal fee

Gravity Form Renewals 50% off

Just wanted to mention that I have been purchasing Gravity Forms for the last 5 years, every year since 2011.
When we renew gravity forms, we are offered a 50% discount on the license fee.
How much does a Developer’s License cost to renew?
A Developer’s license, one that gives you every option available for Gravity Forms, currently costs $199.
When I renew my Gravity Forms Developer license, it costs $99.50 to renew.
I have been using gravity forms for years with many different clients. I can’t recommend it enough. This is just one more great example of some of the ways the gravity forms can be utilized. Polls in general can increase engagement on a website.
Gravity forms can transform your website into an e-commerce system, a polling system, and a whole lot more.

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