The Divi Library can be super helpful if we want to re-use a page/post template (‘layout’ in Divi terminology) over and over.

This system has confused me in years past and can still be slightly confusing for myself and some of my clients when we don’t use it regularly. Plus, Divi Theme has evolved and now ‘also’ includes a Divi Builder system that allows us to import/export assets and apply them to entire multiple groups of pages, posts, categories and more.

The Library has 3 other classes of assets too and its helpful to keep these in mind when it comes time to import (reuse) it.

High Level – We can save entire post/page ‘Layouts’ to the library. We can also save partial ’Sections’ of a post/page layout as a ’Section’ to the library.
We can also save individual ‘Rows’ or ‘Modules’ into the library. From smallest to largest ~ Modules go into Rows and Rows go into Sections and Sections go into a Layout. 
Late when we want to re-use something from the library, we can only import a ‘Layout’ at the page/post (layout) level.
We can only import a ’Section’ at a ’Section’ Level.
We can import a ‘Row’ at a ‘Row’ level.
We can import a ‘Module’ at a ‘Module’ level.
I think part of the confusion described in the email threads comes from maybe saving Layouts thinking it is a section or a section thinking it is a layout or if not at the saving level at the importing it back in level.

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When it comes time to import or use something previously saved to the Divi Library, we start a new page or post, click the ‘Use The Divi Builder’ button, if it doesn’t launch automatically.

It generally remembers what you did last time and does that automatically the next time.
We choose to ‘Build from Scratch’ in this case.
There are even more places where we can get other templates from Divi, Elegant Themes itself or clone a page of our own work.
Then if we want a full page of content from the library, we’d have to import at a page/post ‘Layout’ level.
If we only want a section (or maybe a Row or Module), then we have to click the Add button ‘+’ and then choose Add from Library to select the appropriate level of the item for that location.
What we cannot do with Divi Library Imports!
We cannot import a Section/Row/Module at a Layout level. (you can start a page layout and then add them at the Section/Row/Module level.
We cannot import a page/post ‘Layout’ from a Section/Row/Module level.
We cannot similarly import a Row at a Section level, a Section at a Row Level, a Module at a Section or Row level etc.
We cannot import mixed items to a level that does not match up.
Still confused and need help?
Drop me a comment if you are still confused about this area of Divi Imports/Exports or using layouts.
I’ll look and work to augment this article with improvements as I can, or as Divi evolves more, will update this article with new developments. Your comment might help remind me to do that faster.
If you need more immediate help, I’d encourage you to sign up for a training session and we can do a live review of your specific challenge. I do charge a modest fee for this and depending on the scope of your question we might be able to get you unstuck in 30-60 minutes for typical questions.

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