When Advertisers and Publishers meet online, the fastest, quickest and most reliable way to transfer money is using ebay’s PayPal system.
With an account on this system, you can receive payments for your writing work or advertising placements quickly and easily.
You can then receive or use your funds in a number of ways:

  • Withdraw funds with a PayPal Mastercard debit card
  • collect interest on your PayPal funds with PayPal’s automatic MoneyMarket fund
  • Have your funds or some portion direct deposited to your bank account, just like a pay check
  • Buy things online using your PayPal account instead of a credit card
  • and more!  Its easy, its fast and they even give 1% cash back when you use your PayPal Debit Card

Anyone can sign up for a PayPal account below

I recommend setting up a Preferred Account for online writers and bloggers

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

For advertisers, this method of payment makes things cheaper and easier as well.  PayPal enables both advertisers and blog marketing companies to get payments out to Publishers, writers and bloggers quickly, regularly and without a lot of overhead.

If you had to pay hundreds of thousands of people every day, you would also turn to something reliable, fast, and above all easy.  Keeping expenses down is just a bonus, but a very important bonus.

Advertisers can benefit from using PayPal with:

  • automated payment management online
  • upload payment files from a .csv file enabling detailed payment management of 1 to thousands of recipients
  • Confirm payment receipts online
  • cheap merchant service processing fees, typically with no monthly minimum payment like other merchant processors

Payment Alternatives to PayPal

PayPal is not the only fish in the see, and not the only online payment processor in the world.  Another up and coming service is rapidly taking hold in Europe and the United Kingdom called MoneyBookers.  This newer service has proven very reliable for Softduit Media to date and often has fees even lower than PayPal.  If you do business with or for companies in the United Kingdom, MoneyBookers is rapidly becoming the online payment option of choice.
I recommend signing up for both services for several reasons

  • Its always good to have a backup.
  • The fees are cheaper, and competition is always good.  🙂
  • It can open the door for more international business opportunities.
  • Its a must have for working with many firms in the United Kingdom.

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