Have you ever seen someone over pay for a WordPress Website?

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen over priced websites before.  Every now and then someone over pays for website work.  This may be one of the more extreme cases, I’ve ever seen.  Personally, I’ve fixed websites for far less than the charges brought by the original developers who charged my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Much to the chagrin of my bank account, many clients often come to me after they have spent six figures or more on a website.  I usually get them fixed up and running for far far less (think 4 figures tops).

If you were overcharged the last time you needed a website built, check this out: The Free State provincial government in South Africa reportedly forked out R140-million (US$15 366 680) for its online presence.

This example is even more egregious as this government was charged a massive amount and they didn’t even get any custom development according to this article.  Usually, when I hear of a client over paying, they are paying for a bunch of custom coding (that doesn’t need to be done in the first place).
However, in this case, they apparently paid $15m for something that probably cost $40 in materials and a month or two of labor.
Please!  Don’t over pay for your web development.  If you seriously feel the need, give us a call. I’ll admit we’ll charge you a whole lot less, but you can take the $100k – $10m you might save and donate that to charity or something.

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