Today, I’m up bright and early, actually I was never ‘down’ last night and its not bright out at all, still pitch dark.  I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting to catch my flight to Las Vegas via Houston to attend Blogworld 2008.

Its been a bit of hectic week and a half prior to this trip and the next couple days will very likely be even nuttier.  I’m looking forward to getting to the show, meeting some new companies, learning about great new services and of course making lots of new friends and maybe a few business partners.

I have a host of activities lined up after hours, but my official plans are pretty involved as well.  I’m packing an extra battery for my laptop.  I have a 17″ toshiba and this thing isn’t very light let alone with an extra battery, cameras and other gadgets.  If things work out just right, I will be co-exhibiting at the show. 

The thing is there is no wired power at the booth that I will be at and to run the demos, I’m hoping to run I need power.  Hence the extra battery.  🙂

I tried to purchase a 6 hour universal battery at Office Depot the other day, but it turned out the battery wasn’t as ‘universal’ as it was marketed to be.

So here I am in the airport, juicing up one of those batteries at an electrical outlet, trying to keep my eyes open long enough to make it onto the plane.  I’ve got my handy neck pillow ready to get 40 winks during the two flights out there and then its time to turn on the charm and attention up to 110% to get some things done.

I almost panicked a bit this morning. When I first tried to login with my Verizon Wireless aircard.  It didn’t want to connect right.  I had 4 bars, it kept trying to do an update and then erroring out.

Apparently, I need to install some updated VZ Manager software soon to keep this thing running.  So that’s probably what I’ll do as soon as I get back, unless this thing melts down first.  Verizon Wireless is not my favorite company these days, so it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if things melt down.

OK, well, about time to get ready to board and then sleep.  Hope you are having a great Friday where ever you are in the world and where ever you are going.  On my way back, I was unable to avoid the Red Eye, and so I’m likely to be a bit worthless on Sunday when I get home.  I look forward to the Red Eye about as much as a water buffalo looks forward to diet pills.. . . .

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