New Ideas about Using WorkFlowy

Today, I started working in WorkFlowy. I reviewed and updated some of my tasklist. I came upon the idea that I might use WorkFlowy to help me document, what I have accomplished each day too! Might add those items into my future blog posts to help communicate what we are working on. These articles help us stay motivated. More importantly, they show our clients and potential clients some of our capabilities and give them ideas about how we might help!

I thought I would do a lot more in WorkFlowy but then got cooking with…

*no credit card required for free trial, just name, email, make a password and GO!

Creating & Filling Up my Social Media Schedule!

Despite my desire to go faster than I was really ready to go, I easily set up my first Social Media Schedule for posts and tweets and things. I have already started reviewing evergreen content and setting them into the schedule. I’m really happy with the direction this is going!

Creating a Social Media Schedule

Learning CoSchedule

Yesterday, I signed up for a free account for CoSchedule. I learned the basics and got things up and going. Today, I’m working to learn how I can schedule a social media campaign for my existing Evergree content. Things I have been learning…

  • If CoSchedule might be hiring anyone remote (no) 🙂
  • How to run WordPress Pages through CoSchedule (had to turn this on through custom post types in the CoSchedule Settings
  • How to create repeatable campaigns. Coschedule has a bit of jargon to wade through. They do an awesome job of dripping tutorial videos at the right time, most of the time.  I tried to figure out how to copy a batch of schedule things. CoSchedule calls this a que.  You can save these as a Template, which can later be applied to other articles. So if I make a que generic enough, I can save it and reuse the publishing schedule on other posts.
    • After lots of searching (no search box on their blog), I found 2 articles that helped set it up. The videos on these should be watched in the order I’m posting them for it to make sense
    • How To Promote Your Content (Awesomely) With The Social Queue – read watch video– You may have to login to view these???
    • Using Social Templates To Promote Your Content Faster – read watch video – You may have to login to view these???
  • Learned that each individual WordPress site, requires a separate Calendar and Each additional calendar requires its own subscription (account). Awaiting an answer as to whether a Subscription = a User. If so, it might point to purchasing a team plan?
    • Takeaway is that I like the service and the interface a lot.
    • The Jaron or terminology is confusing at times, especially as that gets filtered through the different subscription plans.
  • Learned how to create just a social campaign – a series of scheduled posts for social media using CoSchedule. Awesome that they are visual, a little tedious to create the first time.
    • Easier path would be to first create an extra generic template for a generic schedule, say monthly for 6 months.
    • Then load that template into a blog or social media scheduling campaign and customize the messages after that.
  • Need help with CoSchedule best way per them is to email [email protected] Initially I first got some responses on Twitter from the, but apparently that’s not their preferred path.
    • Not a problem for me, good to know. 🙂
    • Hoping they add this info to their support page!

CoSchedule – Not Really useful on Mobile Devices

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