I will be covering the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2007) in Las Vegas next week.  As the Editor in Chief of Maven Mapper’s Information and President of Softduit Partners, I look forward to traveling to the show and reviewing products and meeting with many of my old acquaintances, friends and fellow bloggers attending the show as well.
I will bring you some early reports out of the show and maybe a few sneak peak pictures or videos.  But our focus will be to release more in depth reviews following CES next week.  We are not looking to be the first blog out of the shoot to show a picture of a new gadget, but we do hope to analyze and understand how that gadget might truly become useful for all of us.  In some cases, we will also explore the concept products that are not ready for prime time yet, but have interesting potential.
Anyone interested in meeting at the show can contact us through normal means or utilize the CES Personal Planner services.

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