We’ve been working in this area since 2007. Brett Bumeter founded the Greater Charlotte Area WordPress Meetup group in 2008 and has worked with many developers, bloggers, writers, podcasters, designers and more since then.
While the majority of our clients come to us from all around the country and the world, we do work locally as well. We’ve worked with local non-profits, small businesses, artists and even Hollywood movie directors.
In all of our work with all clients, We give clients websites that they can run themselves.
Sure you can hire us or anyone to run the website for you if that’s not your thing, but our goal has always been to give our clients a tool that helps them manage the site themselves without having to turn to a programmer to do every little thing on the site.
We can build or migrate or convert your existing site into a New WordPress powered website that anyone can learn to use. If you can write an email, you can manage one of our websites. Many of our clients also ask us to create video training materials to create something of a video training guide for their employees and future employees too. We have provided in person training for educators and students as well through the Charlotte Mecklenberg School system and CPCC.

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