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Video Summary

Through this video, Brett Bumeter and Warren Whitlock, provide information on how YouTube videos can help a user revamp the older content to give it a fresh perspective.
As Brett indicates, over a period of time, one evolves as a blogger, writer and content producer. There could be plenty of information which is old but yet ranks higher. Adding a YouTube video to that content will give new traction driving more traffic.

    Brett goes on to explain a few advantages of adding videos, such as –

  • A video helps users better understand the content of an article
  • Including a video alongside your written content makes it an interesting blog post with a fresh new feel
  • The older articles get a new impression through a video enabling the user to review it even if it has been read before
  • Creates a new insight into your content and gives a visual appeal

Brett shares a few tips about how one can take advantage of adding such videos to revitalize their older content. He suggests having the content re-written to some extent, such as not to lose the ranking, and then add a video link to it. One can also add a video stating information about that old post, mentioning the year when you wrote that content. You can also portray the differences and observations over a period of time. Videos add a new vector to your old content and makes it look new and informative.

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