For those of you who have iPad’s and a WordPress account and immediately went searching for a WordPress app a long time ago, you probably found it, installed it, realized it was limited too much and haven’t used it much since.

Well the latest update actually makes it usable and possibly as useful as WordPress itself.  Especially now that it supports featured images.  @AppAdvice sets it up nicely in their article with a couple highlights below:

WordPress for iOS has received yet another noteworthy update.

Featured image support lets you upload a featured image for a post, so long

as your blog’s theme supports it. You can do so by using the featured image uploader in the settings section of the post editor.

Suddenly, a largely bland app turned into an impressive one. And the app’s latest update only serves to improve on this newfound quality.
The new update includes featured image support, push notifications for self-hosted blogs, and more accessible settings.
The new update also makes settings more accessible. How? Simple, really: by relocating preferences previously accessible in the Settings app to the settings section of WordPress for iOS itself.

Photo courtesy of’s article

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