izea_insiders_desktop_1024Softduit Media is happy to announce that Brett Bumeter, founder and editor of Softduit Media, will be working with Izea as a member of the Izea Insider Program during 2009.

The Izea Insider program will officially kick off in January of 2009.  Brett along with other Izea Insiders will

  • travel the country working to raise the profile of bloggers across the blogosphere,
  • bring best practices and experiences to the blogosphere, and
  • help companies, clients and advertisers learn how to effectively navigate successful paths through social media.

As part of the program, Brett will gather together a large team of bloggers, podcasters and social media gurus to work together, and help each other.

We have set up a website at http://thelivewriterz.com/ for the purpose of coordinating this activity along with groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and Utterli.  If you are a blogger or podcaster, work in social media or are interested in becoming a blogger, podcaster or social media guru yourself, leave a comment here or contact us today, and we can get you started in the right direction through TheLiveWriterz and with the help and support of Izea!


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