IOS 15 Notes crash problem

There’s a thread here. I tried to reply there after logging in multiple times, but the Apple forum had bugs too! 

Through troubleshooting, I got this to work, but couldn’t share that back to the forum because of the forum bug. My adhd wouldn’t let this go until I shared it here, somewhere!

Same Problem Ipad Air 4th Generation IOS 15.1

This reply started as a ‘I have the same problem’. Tried a number of troubleshooting things, eventually started working for me.

I’m sharing all of this, because I suspect the last thing I did before it worked, might have only helped at the end. Others might need to try multiple things, or all of the things before it does work.

I feel like I got lucky, or it was coincidence and my actions didn’t actually solve it.

What was happening
Can open Notes, create a new Note.

Cannot see any folders in IClouds. Cannot access the new Smart Folders in ICloud

Getting more specific on problem
At first glance, it appears that only the notes in the defaults ‘Notes’ folder are even present. (There’s a brief glimpse of the other folders when I click <Folders but then the app crashes immediately.)

Sort of Helped – Workaround mentioned above
Spotlight search does bring up the possible notes. If I click on that note, it then DOES open the note, even when its within a Folder that I couldn’t previously access.
But I organized some notes in folders, and don’t recall the specific words in some of those files. Ergo I don’t know what to search for sometimes.

Going to <iCloud / <Folders appears to crash the app immediately, but its not a full crash. It just takes the app out of the active window frame. On an ipad with magic keyboard CMD tab take me back to the notes app, still running in the background. On devices without keyboards, the swipe up in middle showing active apps, will probably show Notes still running.

Things that have not yet helped
Force Quiting Notes by swiping up on the app when viewing all active apps, does not fix this problem. (Tried that)
Turning off ICloud Notes syncing, deleting notes on device, turning back on and waiting for the notes to sync back in, DOES NOT – SOLVE EITHER.
Keep total number of notes under 1k files – I’m at 185 in icloud (less than 200 on this device)
Rebooting device – seemed to help…. It started working again after I did this. But that was after also doing the previous things too. Maybe my steps solved it. Maybe apple or network challenges (on wifi seemed fine) or sunspots or the lunar eclipse last night or Sagittarius in retrograde (not a thing) 😉

Ipad has only used 25gb of 256gb available
2gb of 5gb icloud plan used

For the same iCloud plan, I can see my folders on my iPhone 11 currently. My iPad only stopped being able to see / access folders about 12 hours ago. Judging by other responses, it doesn’t sound like it matters which device is used. Not sure if anyone else has experience this problem on one device at a time or multiple devices at a time?

It doesn’t appear possible to export Notes into the Apple Pages App (can export pdfs)

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