Video Summary

This video encompasses inputs from Brett Bumeter addressing Warren Whitlock’s query about how to find and create deep links within an article. Brett highlights a simple way of achieving the deep linking and goes on to indicate some of the advantages.
Brett explains that users do not always remember what content they wrote over an extended period of time, and thus creating and inserting deep links adds value to the article. The deep linking method holds good strong value from an SEO perspective too by linking your own stuff within your own site. He mentions using a related post plugin which puts images at the bottom of an article, but is terrible for SEO. One does not need these related images at the bottom of the article, but rather should have them appear mixed in within the context of your article.

    Brett enlists simple steps related to using a contextual related plugin –

  • Setup the plugin and let it run on your article
  • The plugin shall figure out what’s contextually related
  • It will then scan down to the bottom of the article and look at the couple of related articles that it found out
  • The plugin then will go back to your content and after hunting for the related keywords will insert links to the articles that it found out

This way of deep linking holds SEO value with a visual queue for images that people can browse and click. Another way of prioritizing would be to take help of Google analytics to monitor and evaluate the traffic on your site and articles. It will help you figure out which content to deep link within the deep link thus making the foundation stronger. Brett also suggests hiring a virtual assistant to get your entire site deep linked. This will have the user get to consume more related information and makes browsing your site a great experience and thus help you build reputation.

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