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Currently we are documenting the process for upgrading a site from Blogger to WordPress.  Softduit does offer this as a consulting service.  The primary challenge with training people to perform this function is that Google’s Blogger service routinely fails when it comes to upgrading a blogger blog to a real domain name.

In general the steps for upgrading from Blogger to WordPress are as follows

  1. Convert address to a real domain (step can take several days, costs $10 with Google)
  2. Export copy of content from blogger system to file on your computer.  (Alternatively, use a temporary WordPress installation to import your blog content from blogger to WordPress, then export this as a file to your computer and delete content from temporary WP installation)
  3. Purchase a Hosting service. We recommend InMotion Hosting or Host Gator for ease of use and good technical service.
  4. Change DNS settings with Enom (service Google uses to register your ‘newdomainname’).  Needs to point away from Google to your Hosting Service (step 3) DNS settings (can take up to 24 hours for settings to be final on web.
  5. Install WordPress on your new hosting account with your new domain name linked to it
  6. Import your blogger content file from step 2 into your new WordPress configuration. Make sure you set up a permalink structure with a .html ending.    Later (a month or two later) you can use a redirection plugin to transition your site from the old fashioned looking .html to something cleaner, but doing this step in this manner will help your search visitors avoid getting lost on your site and it will help salvage deep link page rank and backlinks.
  7. If you have suggestions, issues or questions, leave us a comment here, or write a blog article with your question and link here.
  8. If you are successful in your migration, write us an article, link to us and let us know about your success!

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