In this video, Warren Whitlock asks Brett Bumeter, a top WordPress web developer, What needs to be done to maintain the enormous volume of articles on older websites with hundreds or even thousands of blog articles?
Brett describes steps starting with the examination of relevant content or content that is drawing people to a website via search. Perform Google Analytics traffic analysis, bounce rates analysis, broken links reviews and more. The plugin – ‘Broken Link Checker‘ for WordPress is mentioned as an automated way to identify old articles with broken links.
Additional steps include –

  • Checking the relevancy of old content in the present scenario, and tweaking them accordingly.
  • Use Google Analytics to check the performance of articles, updating old articles to make them evergreen and ‘True-for-all-time’
  • If it is a great topic still consider refreshing it by adding a youtube video on topic to augment the text content.
  • Make sure all articles in the website are cleaned up and not pointing to broken links. Broken links can be identified using a plugin- ‘Broken Link Checker’ which can be turned on in the website. Blogging Tip! the broken Link checker is a resource hog, so it is not advised to leave it ‘On’ always.
  • Go through articles occasionally to clean up things, use Google Analytics to identify the best traffic generating articles.
  • Make these old articles are still relevant when you review them fresh.  The goal is to create content that is considered ‘evergreen’.
  • Do some SEO optimization on the really good articles that stand the test of time.
  • Eliminate outdated bits from batches of old articles; tweak the content, tags and categories to boost its relevancy in the current situation.
  • Design the website to best highlight the evergreen content, make sure featured images and related posts are available.

Warren Whitlock is a best-selling author, digital business development speaker, and social media strategist.
Brett Bumeter, an adept WordPress developer, intelligence analyst, business developer, federal whistleblower, speaker, author and more, explains the best way to maintain WordPress sites with piles of content.

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