Video Summary
In this video, Brett Bumeter presents a brief theoretical outline in response to Warren Whitlock’s query about how to consolidate multiple websites and blogs into a single word press website.
Brett mentions that people like to start and create their presence online through new websites and blogs as and when they come across new ideas and thoughts. Over a period of time some of these ideas shape up nicely to take form of a well maintained online website whereas some of these whims might just phase away.
People sometimes find it difficult to maintain and keep the websites or their blogs going in spite of not being able to contribute to it. But they also do not want to lose some of the interesting, valuable, informative and legacy articles, blog posts, discussion forums and much more that has already been posted on their website or blogs. So they go ahead and want to close it down.
But Brett further goes on to explain, not in details, but in general, that instead of shutting the entity down completely, one always has an option to consolidate their different ventures like – a blog, a website, maybe a tumblr site and much more – bring them all together under a common roof, and thus have the ease of maintaining and most importantly preserving its contents.
Some of the basic consolidation steps he describes are –

  • Start by importing each of the entity into word press.
  • Once you bring the file in, set it up under its own defined category.
  • One can name the categories relevant to the old website or blog names

This way, one can easily maintain and salvage the evergreen content from their non-functional websites and blogs under a common umbrella.

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