Background on Cancelling a Media Temple Hosting Plan

Last week, we helped a client migrate from Media Temple, owned by Godaddy since 2013.

We moved the client to Pressable hosting where they consolidated the site coming from Media Temple with 3 other sites already on Pressable.

A week later and the client had not yet closed their old web hosting plan. So we sent them a reminder as this is one of the most common things that increases expenses for clients.


Many of us forget to cancel out the old web services, forget to cancel the renewal on a domain name or forget to cancel Domain Name Registry Privacy which has been mostly unnecessary since GDPR laws went into effect. The individual charges for these hosting related services are not much and sometimes get billed once every 1-3 years. It’s very easy to forget and not always easy to navigate hosting systems to cancel things. Over time, these things can really add up, especially if Godaddy increases the charges on any or all of these items.


Problems We Have Witnessed with Godaddy Companies like Media Temple

We have witnessed some amazingly high renewal charges by Godaddy companies over recent years. Teaser prices and discount codes hook people and then the easy forgetful aspects of hosting services opens the door for trial balloon price increases. Some really, really hurt. 

If you have more than one domain name or more than one website, this can feel like an extra car payment every year. If you are (still) paying Godaddy for an SSL, these fees can border on ridiculous. One of our clients last year was charged an amount equivalent to a house payment!


We migrated them from Godaddy to Pressable too!


Media Temple is not the same as Godaddy and yet they are part of the same company. In the early days of cloud hosting, 10-12 years ago, Media Temple was impressive. We’re less impressed with them in 2020. What was atypical then, is common place now.


So Here’s the simple place to go to cancel a Media Temple Hosting Plan


After logging into your Media Temple account, go to


how to cancel media temple hosting (1)




Check the box for the service(s) to be cancelled, click Next and follow the confirmation steps!


So that’s it, that’s all it takes to cancel Media Temple Hosting plans.

Bonus Round – Where can I find a better host?

Pressable offers some great and free tools to migrate a wordpress site to a new host. It can definitely be accomplished by a novice, and yet, we find more and more people that get confused by some of the fields or hosting jargon or just have other things they need to do.


If you need help migrating to Pressable or moving to almost any host, we can help.


Except Godaddy. If you want to move to Godaddy, we don’t do that work any longer.


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