This month, I gave a quick presentation at our Charlotte WordPress Meetup.  I quickly walked through the files and edits needed to add additional sections to the Parallax Pro theme home page (Parallax Pro from StudioPress).
[slideshare id=41724374&doc=a-3-2afc4c5a42ddc72cb9a496badf89ff97ac2057bd-141118155051-conversion-gate01]
The steps to increase the number of Parallax sections within the Parallax Pro theme from StudioPress running on the Genesis Framework.
Parallax themes are very popular and when used with the right content in the right environments can be very powerful.  A good parallax theme set up well can help tell and illustrate a story.  This can be especially effective for visitors viewing a site on a tablet or smart device.
The Genesis Framework and the StudioPress child themes that run on it are very stable, reliable and useful.  They are not always the most groundbreaking.  The Parallax Pro theme from StudioPress is relatively reliable, but it does not come with the ability to expand or customize the number of sections it holds.  If you can’t fit your story into five slides or less, then the fit is difficult…
Unless you add more sections.
Here are the files that will need to be adjusted within the Parallax Pro Child Theme. (see the github version to see the actual changes need in the files below.)
/js/paralax.js (in the js folder)
/lib/output.php (in the lib folder)
/lib/customize.php (in the lib folder)

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