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FAQs are referred to as frequently asked questions. These are questions that you usually see on websites. The FAQs section will help you answer simple inquiries about the website or other things. You also have the ability to expand the answers to these questions to know more and for a deeper understanding.
Using videos in FAQ sections will help the user/viewer to better understand the answer to their inquiries. These allow the user to engage more in this section for the user/viewer will not only see text but also graphs, images and audio as well.
Embedding it in the FAQ section will make it easy for your user/viewer for they will just hit the “play” button. Video embedded has a title of its own; it may come from, you can see related videos and will help you strengthen the page. Searching in Google and Google zero will be easy as 1-2-3 and will surely answer the question that you are looking for.

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