Yesterday, we held the first Meetup for the Greater Charlotte Area WordPress group.  Ganti Murty graciously allowed us to utilize his spa, Radience Med Spa, Just North of Charlotte just off exit 18 in Charlotte.  Its in the shopping center between Panera Bread and  Chili’s, and a couple doors down from the at&t store.
Greater Charlotte Area WordPress GroupWe had about 12 people show up for the meetup, which was excellent for a first meetup.  I had a great time demonstrating how to design a WordPress theme using my preferred WordPress Theme design software.

The weather was definitely on our side.  It rained the whole time, so no one was tempted to go play outside.  In the future, I might have to run one of these on my fishing dock on the lake.

For everyone that could not make it to the event, I will be mixing the video and sound from the presentation today and publishing it here on Softduit hopefully within a day or two at the latest.  🙂

Thank You

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I’m following most of you on twitter already, but don’t want to miss anyone.  I will follow up this post with a write up and post introduction to everyone including a link to your site with whatever words you want linked to your site.  🙂

I’ll post more details about the next meetup topic in a few days.  It will probably be about plugins, so be prepared to offer up your own personal favorite plugins, and maybe 1 extra plugin that you like to use in specific circumstances and why.  🙂
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