Google’s blog search functionality may be starting to eke past Technorati. Google now offers users the option to get to its Blog search functionality from the main page on Google. Users can search blogs, by clicking the more button above the search box and then selecting Blogs, which is the top option in the drop down box.
Google launched the blog search option in September of 2005, but apparently didn’t realize that linking to it from their own home page would be the thing necessary to make it successful. This is a rather startling mistake in that Google is lauded as being a very smart company, but took over a year to figure this out.
Now that they are past that lesson straight out of the obvious book, they are making up time and picking up searches from key age demographics among searchers in the age group of 18-24 year olds, while Technorati’s shows a strength among searchers that are over 45 years in age.

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