Good ASE session ‘Automating Your Affiliate Empire’

I came across this WordPress automation panel from Affiliate Summit. It’s a couple years old AND holds the test of time mentioning several great services that are still great places to start for 2019.

(Video and slides below.)

Automate Your Super Affiliate Empire with WordPress from Affiliate Summit East 2017

(fm my notes)

  1. FMTC injection coupon themes – data feed tools
  2. Pop shops inject products into sites
  3. Apppresser create mobile app from WordPress series of WP plugins pricing starts at $19 per month
  4. Woocommerce as affiliate system bob woo article (you have to load and update)
    1. (question is asked on this in video, with decent answer. In my own experience you can sell products direct or by affiliate link by a product by product basis in woocommerce. If you want to do both for the same product, then you need to set multiple buy now buttons up, one for the affiliate link(Amazon for example) and one for buy direct (via woo for example)
  5. Mailpoet for newsletters  custom email flows easier non devs – sounded interesting, something I’ll explore
  6. Buddypress like Facebook in a box
  7. Vinubis plugin to instant post and send to YouTube ( )
  8. Revive old post ( ) – I use this myself, have used since it was called Tweet old Post. Owned by the Revive Social team now.
  9. PLUGINS for WP gameification works w woocommerce, buddypress, LearnDash too!
  10. Prettylinks
  11. Perfect Dashboard (  ) to manage WP installs – Sounded very interesting.
    1. Provides pixel by pixels comparisons after upgrades

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