This month is turning into a whirl wind when it comes to great social media and blogging conferences.  Following up on WordCamp Birmingham at the end of September where Brett Bumeter mentored local bloggers, helping them learn during a 50 minute demonstration How to design a WordPress theme in minutes using Artisteer, Brett then traveled down the road to Orlando for IzeaFest.

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Brett moderated a panel with awesome panelists including (in order of picture above) George Smith Jr, the social voice of Crocs, Joseph Jaffe of JaffeJuice, Dena Weiste who has worked with major brands through online media for almost 2 decades and John Andrews, who has managed social media programs for Wal-Mart and others.

What would a panel of rock stars like this cover at IzeaFest?

What Advertisers Want! 

They talked in depth for an hour on where the rubber hits the road in social media advertising and what major brands and bloggers need to do to come together effectively, transparently and profitably without reducing the value and quality of content.

For more insights into the event, check out Brett’s personal blog article Back from IzeaFest-Still Absorbing the Insights

BlogWorld 2009

Join me and other top bloggers and new media experts at BlogWorld Expo 2009 In just a little over a week, Brett will be traveling to Las Vegas for the third annual BlogWorld Expo.  This year BlogWorld has consolidated with the New Media Expo (which would be in its 4th year).  Softduit Media through Brett has been present at every BlogWorld since their inception and all but the very first New Media/Podcast Expo. 

Last year, Brett worked the booths on the exhibit floor demonstrating the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 for bloggers from the Blogger and Podcaster Booth.

This year, Brett will be speaking at BlogWorld during the Las Vegas WordCamp event in the exhibit hall area on Saturday.  He will be closing the show covering the topic of How to Design a WordPress Theme in Minutes, once again demonstrating to the audience how to create WP themes effectively and efficiently regardless of whether or not the audience has any design or programming experience.

Here’s the line up for Las Vegas WordCamp and don’t forget to check out the 10 in depth tracks at BlogWorld either.

This is going to be a great BlogWorld with a lot of serious knowledge exchange, and even better networking.  The attendance numbers for this show look like they are going to be through the roof compared to past years.


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