I’ve revised this article to include a new video showing how the new and improved Artisteer 3 makes it even easier to design a Blogger template.
I’ve been waiting for this for almost two months, its the latest product update from Artisteer.  Artisteer now has the ability to create Blogger Templates for people that don’t have any design or coding experience.

Its very very handy for people that do have design and coding experience too, Saves a significant amount of time!

I found out about the latest update when I logged into my 2.0 version of Artisteer and was greeted with this quick pop up message which prompted me to download the latest update.  I get free updates as part of my original purchase of the software.  Or I should say, everyone gets free updates for a year after you purchase this software.
I originally tried a free trial of the software about 11 months ago, after witnessing what it could do to generate WordPress themes in minutes.
It took me about 30 minutes working with the software to realize that it saved me weeks and months of coding effort, and was far cheaper than any other WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or Blogger theme or template design add-ons I’d ever seen, plus this covered them all!
Fast forward 10 months later, and I now not only know how to design and generate WordPress themes with Artisteer, but I’ve been able to fast track into advanced theme design as well.
With the addition of Blogger Templates to the software, I think a large number of bloggers are going to be able to also hop on the fast track.  I can envision a day where no one uses those old nasty standard Blogger templates any more.  I can see a day, where they don’t have to buy or download flaky templates full of advertising links either.

How does Artisteer Work?

  1. Download the free trial first and see if you like the software.
  2. If you like it, buy the version that works for you
  3. If you only want to build themes for 1 site, then the $49.95 Home / academic version
  4. If you want to build themes for more than 1 site, get the standard edition for $129.95
  5. (I have the Standard Edition and it is an amazing bargain compared to other web design programs I have purchased, plus you get a year of free upgrades!)

Latest Artisteer (and new) Themler Pricing!

Artisteer + Themler Combo deal
Themler pricing page to design themes and templates

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