Video Summary

In this video, Brett Bumeter and Warren Whitlock discusses as to how FAQs, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions, can help improve your website presence and engage users.
Brett explains that a regular user might not envision browsing the website and learning the content in a similar fashion as the owner designed it to be. Including a FAQ section helps prevent misconceptions and misunderstandings about the content of the website and goes on to make the user familiar with it.

    As per Brett, one should review the website pages, and figure out if there is any content which seems unclear and needs clarification. Adding a FAQ section at the bottom of the page helps the viewers in two ways –

  • It helps answer queries which the user might have before they decide to exit the website due to lack of information
  • It helps clear any doubts or discrepancies in terms of what the user’s perspective is about the content

Brett also mentions that adding the FAQ section improves SEO due to extra content written on your website. It helps Google better index and contextually “understand” your page. There are various plug-ins like “FAQ Plug-in” available which can help one create the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.
A user can entail the use of such a plug-in and create different FAQ sections pertaining to the about us, products, services and other categories. You need to type in the question, answer it and add a category. The plug-in will organize the FAQs as per the chosen category thus providing a pleasant browsing experience avoiding clutter.

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