Just before the end of 2012 I wanted to start the new year off early. I started having regular recordings on Google Hangouts with my friend Warren Whitlock of Profitable Social Media. Our goals were simple

  • Do Something
  • Do more of something on YouTube
  • Learn something new – aka Google Hangouts
  • Share what we learn
  • Keep doing it!

Too often we set resolutions for the new year and don’t even start them. This time, I just wanted to start and make a new good habit that would be set by the time the new year rolled in. Here’s our original interview and discussion, sure we fumbled and paused at times, but we learned a lot and I’m already using it in my business.

Since that first video we have done many more, some on Google Hanouts and some on a free Skype alternative called ooVoo (I like it because they make it easy to record the VoIP video call on a PC) You can checkout more of our videos on YouTube at http://YouTube.com/brettbum

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