Going All in on Blubrry or Libsyn Podcast Hosting and why!

This week we are working on a project to migrate a podcast from Libsyn to Blubrry. Both are excellent Podcast Hosting companies.

We recommend them both, unequivocally!

The project I’m working on now, involves an 18 month old podcast, hosted on Libsyn and running Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin. In this case, the plugin is driving the submissions to various Podcast networks including iTunes.

Most Importantly Titles for Podcast Episodes are coming from WordPress Post titles

The actual file names of the podcast episodes are generically set to ABC001, ABC002 etc and that’s what the files look like in Libsyn.

This was expedient and simple when the podcast started. Now that the Podcast is doubling in size every two months we need to up our game.

  • Use a more advanced Player
  • Leverage other directories including YouTube (Libsyn’s actually better for this in our estimates)
  • Do some work on the site and in the theme (Divi) to attract more audience to the website (discovery)
  • Retain website visitors and convert them into people that Listen, Subscribe and more
  • Some of this means SEO, and with all the Podcast Titles and descriptions in WordPress and PowerPress and nothing in Libsyn(not libsyn’s fault just the way the tool was used for 300+ episodes)…

We need to move to Blubrry where the remaining tuning work will be less. In short, living in 2 systems at once, in this case is preventing us from benefiting from the great tools each system offers. We need to consolidate, and find the easiest path to consolidation.

Blubrry does provide Managed WordPress Hosting starting at $20 per month as a separate service. We’ll cover that separately.

Blubrry Account Sign up process

These are the steps we are following to Sign up for that new Blubrry account with their migration Promo code from Libsyn:

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