Evolution of Age Verification WordPress Plugins such as Vape, Marijuana, Alcohol & Adult sites – pt 2

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Client Tips

Telling your client that you don’t have a quick solution in your pocket is never fun. Not great for business either!
In our last article in this series, we covered two WordPress plugins in the repository that provide Age Verification for sites that are legally required or maybe ethically choose to screen out minors or under aged visitors. This is common among sites that might include bars, night clubs, breweries, wineries, vape shops, marijuana or related products and of course the adult sites that pioneered the tech for this in the nineties, maybe days or weeks after the internet was opened up to the masses with browsers.
In this quick installment we cover two more options that make it possible to offer Age Verification on WordPress.
We start with a plugin that is (sort of) in the WordPress repository. Its the Popup Maker plugin. This is in the repository. It is free.
However, it is a premium modal (add on) for this plugin that makes Age Verification possible. The premium version runs from $35-$85 with price breaks for 1 site, 5 sites, and 20 sites.
Age Verification Modal for Popup Maker

Age Verification Modal for Popup Maker

If you already run Popup Maker on your site, this additional modal might be a great fit to keep things streamlined and plugin upgrades and maintenance at a minimum.
The next plugin is the Premium Age Verification plugin available on Code Canyon for $19 (extra $5.63 for 12 months of support. If I buy a plugin on Code Canyon, I usually need something ‘more’ and I often end up going back for the support).
Premium Age Verification WordPress Plugin
It offers some features that seem a few levels above everything else I have found so far, even with a price tag at a lot less than the freemium and other premium services.
Premium Age Verification Demo example

Premium Age Verification Demo example

The Premium Age Verification Plugin offers:
responsive designs, customize branding included (not an extra price like AgeVerify in previous article)
Age verification via Facebook or Google+
Individual Country age restrictions, multiple age restrictions
As these things go (personal opinion based on experience) Code Canyon plugins tend to be heavy on features, things that do things, and sometimes weak on slick designs or solid and intuitive work flows.
If you have never worked with any of these plugins before, as part of your client scope, you might need to buy and use a couple of these to figure out which provides the right mix of features and functionality and design and UI options.
Love to hear your experiences with any of these, lessons learned, pit falls or experience with customer support or even customizations that were required to really get this thing perfect for your site or your client’s site.
More than happy to share some links to examples of these plugins in action too!

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