Back in late December, I started amping up my YouTube . . . .. um game.  I started creating a lot more YouTube videos.  To that point I had about 260 YouTube videos created over many years since YouTube began.  I had about 580,000 lifetime views on those videos.  The most popular were Artisteer video tutorials.
I wanted to do more. I wanted to do a lot more.  When I say more, I mean I wanted to create a whole lot more videos. I’ll explain why some other time.
Along the way I started creating a series of videos with Warren Whitlock a long time friend that I originally met at the second Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario California (several years before that became New Media Expo and was later bought out by BlogWorld which this last winter renamed itself New Media Expo too!
These videos started with the goal of creating short quick videos answering a single question.  They were something of a Video FAQ, which I intend to build out in an FAQ section here on the site with a future site redesign.
Here’s the thing, these short one question and answer videos, they are highly informative and pretty useful, but I get the sense that they are missing a little something, or maybe several somethings.
Plus, when Warren and I film these what typically happens is we get on Skype or Oovoo or Google Hangouts and we talk for about  an hour before we ever start recording anything.  You have to understand that Warren and I are both talkers and brainstormers and have worked with a lot of businesses and startsups over the years using lots and lots of different tools and best practices to get the job done.  When we get on the phone, we can easily talk for 3-4 hours and usually do.
So all this time I’ve had the suspicion that the ‘interesting’ conversation is being left on the phone and not recorded.  Maybe  our conversations need to be captured and put into a ‘show’ and not just a video FAQ on YouTube.
That begs a whole lot of questions, most of which I’d like your feed back on, please!  🙂

What should we do with this evolving YouTube Show?

I suspect there are a host of areas where we can improve.  I dabble with many of them all the time, but my perception isn’t the  only one to consider. From an artistic direction, my view will factor in heavily as I have to be able to create the  YouTube Show, have to be able to edit it, have to have the time to make the YouTube Show happen regularly even.
However, I do not want to create it in a vacuum and do want feedback from the current and potential future audience.
I see potential for improvement in things like

  • Does this YouTube Show even need a name?
    YouTube Video Thumbnails
  • Length of show
  • Approach (Conversational talking heads versus question and answer and done)
  • Should we add screencasts to demonstrate techniques
  • Should we invite additional rotating guests (a third talking head for the  YT show)
  • Should we run a title at the beginning or launch straight into the talk
  • Should this be a playlist on my current YouTube Channel or should I create a new channel (pain in the neck)

Of course, it is super likely that I am not even asking the  right questions even, hence I open it up to you.  What do you think?

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