Divi Theme – Basic Formatting Popular Articles Into Evergreen Blog Articles

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Here’s a quick tip on creating evergreen articles out of popular blog articles. Specifically, we are focusing on people that use the new Divi theme from Elegant Themes.
In this example, I am specifically talking about Divi theme 2.8 and higher.

Hypothetical example – when to Change the layout of a popular post

Let’s say that you are looking at your stats and you notice that you have an old blog article that’s getting regular traffic. There is some good odds that maybe this old article has the potential to become evergreen content. Evergreen content is simply something that stands the test of time and can be valuable weeks months or years after it is first published.
The opposite of evergreen content would be something like a blog article that simply says “Happy New Year’s!”

Reformatting Evergreen posts in your blog with Divi theme.

If you have set up your theme to include the date of your articles as a default, you may want to remove that date for Evergreen content.
When we work with the Divi theme, this is pretty easy to do but it does take three or four steps.
First we have to edit the post.
Then in the upper right-hand corner, we have to go in and select the drop-down option that shows the title on the post.
When I first saw this option in the upper right-hand screen, I mistakenly thought that the option was not available. The drop-down area is grayed out, and in many user interfaces this means that we cannot change it.
That is not the case with the Divi theme.
Click on the item that says title and indicates “show” and change it to “hide”.
Hide Individual Post Title on Divi Theme
If this article was not originally created with the Divi theme editor, then click on the large purple button that says edit with Divi. This will convert all of the content in the WordPress post editor into the Divi theme post editor. All of the content will be loaded into a single text box in the Divi theme post editor.
Next you will need to create a new module. You will want to select  Post Title Module to add i.

Once you have added the post title module, go into the settings and turn off the setting that shows the date of the article. You may or may not want to turn off the options that also show some of the other elements in those settings which can include the author’s name and the featured image among others.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.04.46 PM

There is a lot more you could do at this point to add even more value for your readers or improve the conversion metrics of an article too!

Sometimes I even like to center the text of post titles that are to become evergreen content and set them aside or part for my regular blog articles just a bit more.
Next you will need to drag the post title module up above the text module so that the post title will be at the top of the article and not at the bottom of the article.Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 2.05.02 PM
Next you will hit the update button in Word press to save the post. And finally you will review your work by viewing the new post in making sure that everything has been set the way you want it to be set.
That’s it!

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