Found a great service to convert text or blogs into video for free!

I came upon this excellent freemium service that converts text blog posts into a video with royalty free video clips and sound.

It is called Lumen5.


Lumen5 Quick Look with a random blog article

This video shows some of the strengths of this automated blog to video system. It also shows where some of the ‘weaknesses’ might be too. I suspect that depending on the way your blog article is crafted, this could work better on some blog articles.  It might not be the best for a round up style blog article with a list of ’36 things to make your text blog article awesome’ or something.
This would probably work very well with blog articles that have 3-5 big points to make, or even with how to articles.

What does it do???


Automated conversion of text into Videos for Social Media

This system automatically builds a story board of a blog article. It even makes it easy to share the video to Facebook & other social media channels.  It allows you to instantly share videos to Facebook through the Lumen5 service.  Or you can download the video and then upload it anywhere you like from YouTube to Vimeo to wherever.

Lumen5 is free for life & offers a premium version to customize branding

The service is free forever if you like. You can pay for it as well to gain more control over logos and branding and more.

Easy benefits to people with evergreen text content that want to market with video

This is a great way to add some video life to a great evergreen blog article that previously only had text.  Lumen5 will auto suggest video clips and images for your video based on the keywords it finds in your article and the resulting storyboard.  It drafts a storyboard of the video from the text in your blog article. Anyone can quickly edit and customize the storyboard of the draft video more or they can run with the automated version.  Plus, they can also add some of your own custom video clips or static images too!

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