This week I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada otherwise known as CES 2007.  By most accounts the show was a success.  The show has grown to cover the entire Las Vegas Nevada convention center, spread to the Hilton and this year spread to include most of the Sands Convention Center as well.
This year CES saw 2,700 exhibitors showing their goods, services and hot new products to a record number of 140,000 attendees visiting the show.
However, the hottest new product of the convention proved to be no show as it was on display in MacWorld in San Francisco under the heatedly contested name of iPhone.  Apple unveiled the iPhone at MacWorld and largely stole some of the thunder from CES, not to mention embroiling Apple in a trademark dispute over a name they do not own.
Cisco does own the trademark and had released a product called the iPhone just a few days before both shows.  (Read more about the iPhone from Linksys a subsidiary of Cisco under The iPhone iBluff from Apple.)
Despite the absence of Apple’s iPhone from CES there were many noteworthy products and services that we have gathered information on and will initiate coverage on here at Maven Mapper’s Information.  History in the consumer electronics field has shown that the hottest products are not the only product.  We will labor to provide you with some of the other products that could make an even larger contribution to your life than another cell phone might or might not provide.

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