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by | Oct 25, 2016 | Business Tools

Over a day or week or sometimes a month, I often find too many browser tabs are open in multiple browser windows. Today, I’m trying something new. I’m copying the links from those tabs into this post and creating blurbs via Divi theme for each of them and moving beyond them!!! (and not losing the references)

As I finish up this exercise, my mind and desktop is a lot less cluttered and more focused. Maybe a few of these blurbs will help you find something cool. They definitely helped me and helped me more when I cleared them from my daily view!

6 Powerful FAQ Plugins For WordPress In 2016

Always looking for new Question and answer or FAQ or knowledge base solutions. After a quick question from a client the other day, I stumbled upon this recent list. None of them leapt out at me as much more than ‘more of the same’ but they aren’t bad.

WordPress Q&A Plugin – Best Question and Answer Plugins

While trying to find the actual Q&A plugin that I do like, I found this blog article with some great new plugins that I had not heard. Much more useful and more advanced than my previous favorite! (no idea if any of these work well or in what circumstances but look like it is worth exploring)

Personal Job Search

I have been perusing for a new full time or part time position. I have run my own business full time for over 10 years. As an agency, this sometimes pushes me to grow and very quickly. At other times, I need to reach out and experience roles outside of what my own company can provide. I need to find new experiences working in other companies and cultures either to move on (if right for me) or at least to insure that I can connect better with some of my clients working in roles or cultures like what I might experience.
Here is/ a role(s) I contemplate…

Virtual/Remote SEO Analyst Job Openings – Multiple positions available - Pam Ann Marketing

Pam Ann Marketing is run by a friend of mine. I met Pam at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas several years back. She is a practicing yogi and runs a terrific SEO company.

Content Management Specialist

I do enjoy working and perfecting content! Especially when that helps with ‘attracting’ people to a site through on-page optimization or helps them see the importance or usefulness of a thing and then ‘convert’ and buy or sign up.

Divi Theme Stuff

I have done a lot of work with Divi theme (and X Theme) this year. I am more inclined towards Divi Theme. Here’s some related stuff for working with Divi that I had accumulated in my browser tabs.
Interested in trying Divi out on your own site. We can install it for you for $45. Learn More

Divi Layouts Overrides


22 Essential WordPress Plugins for Non-Profits in 2016 and Beyond

I have an extensive list of donation plugins and resources for non profits already. I did not have this general/generic list of other plugins for non profits that do not deal with donations.

Divi Layouts Overrides


RGB-Hex-Decimal-CMYK Color Conversion Tool

always important to have a quick color scheme tool ready!

Disable Divi Slider Image “Slide In” Effect

This is from the author of the Divi Booster plugin, which I am an affiliate for. I do like that plugin and support it and if you use divi encourage you to check it out!
Or if you want to convert to Divi, I might be able to help there too. (one example we can customize many more)


The default slider module that comes with Divi is pretty cool and for the most part, it does the job. If, however, you have used a third party slider before you may notice that it has a distinct lack of je ne sais quoi (that’s French for transitions ;)).
By default, there are two slider transitions happening in the slider….
1. The slider description fades up.
2. Any slide images fade in from the left.
You can see both at play in this video

Click to see the video and the code in this article!

Managed WordPress Hosting Research

For my clients and for a side project at WP Theme Speed, I am constantly looking at, researching and testing new Managed WordPress Hosting Companies.
here are some of those Managed WordPress Hosting companies caught in my tabs Disclosure -> (some of these I am now an affiliate for, but have not marketed them yet. I do use viglink on this site, so any affiliate links here are probably automatically setup via Viglink).

Green Geeks WordPress Hosting

Green Geeks offers up more eco friendly hosting options.

Whether you’re a WordPress blogger or a veteran WordPress developer looking for a fully loaded WordPress hosting service thats delivers performance & reliability, GreenGeeks provides everything you need for your WordPress website.

Green Geeks WordPress Hosting


Can’t recommend this team enough. If you want to test drive your own site on WPEngine for free (to see how easy and fast they are, let me know. I can make that happen!)


a bit of a roll call for who has and who does not yet have free ssl options via Let’s Encrypt

Video Editing Resources or Divi Background Video options

I create a lot of Training Videos for clients and for the web in general. Plus, my son is studying sound design at Savannah College of Art & Design. So I am always on the lookout for useful video editing resources.
In this case, some of these videos could be used in Divi theme background videos even.

Videvo - Background video effects

Background video examples

Background video examples for video editing or for Divi Theme background video

Troubleshooting Client problems in wordpress

I perform a lot of troubleshooting for clients. A couple weeks back we did a lot of troubleshooting trying to determine why an Audio plugin from Envato was loading twice.


sometimes the most cost effective solution is to dump the plugin that stopped working and replace it with one that does work!


More research on a future progress and less troubleshooting

Keeping my mac running

Gotta keep my own equipment running well!

ccleaner for mac

hardware is not my own strength. I have worked on various different computers for over 30 years. I know a great deal. I have forgotten several life times of stuff.
This is a tool recommended by a high school friend that works with hardware for a living. I had heard of the program, but didn’t realize it was also available for Macs.

SEO tips

Always looking out to keep my own SEO skills up to speed.

Liked the simplicity of this offering…
I’m not endorsing this fellow, but do like the simplicity of his offering to Order a Blog Article.

Exposing my tabs

I found a lot to write about today just by clearing browser tabs
Serving up this tweet to a blog article I created.
Like many people, my browser tabs get out of control with too many open tabs and too many days passed where I haven’t done anything useful with those browser tabs, or maybe I did something and wanted to do something else(for me I usually discover things for wordpress clients and then ‘intend’ to blog about them and never get to it.)
Today I got to it!
You can do as you wish as always. I’d love to see and share your blog posts with something like this showing what was in your open browser tabs too!
I feel like I leave a lot of valuable items that I ‘discovered’ lost in my browser tabs.
I leave them there for weeks or months, through computer crashes and browser restarts. Sometimes I save them all in my browser bookmarks to die a languid and tragically boring death in the obscurity of that pit of nothing.
I’m going to attempt to do even better at this in the future. I’ll probably set up recurring categories in a Divi Post template or something so that I can rapidly populate this information (links and titles) minimum and even better pictures and my impressions of how or why I feel they are helpful.
So what ya got? feel like joining on this bandwagon?
I know you are sitting on something amazing in your browser, something you meant to get to, something you want to share, someday, some time, some year, maybe not after all, OH WAIT…. how about now!!! 🙂

If you are interested, share your own articles or tweets of articles or something below. Would love to see what others are sitting on! :

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