This month I’ve been catching up with an old friend of mine, Advanced Custom Fields.  This is a free WordPress plugin and tool that I do not use regularly.  Most projects I work on do not require the creation of custom fields.  Custom Post types (not to be confused with custom fields) further reduces my need to use custom fields.
When a site or section of a site needs the ability to collect unique information in fields and display them in ways that is outside the scope of a theme or even a plugin, this is where ACF comes in and can save the day and enable some very advanced capabilities.
As I was refreshing my own memory on how ACF works, I came across a decent 3 part tutorial that shows them used in conjunction with Custom Post Types UI plugin as well.  This tutorial series is from a slightly older version of the plugin, but it is pretty solid.  At the bottom of this post is a fourth video that shows some of the latest cool stuff from ACF (version 4.x era).  Version 5 of ACF will be coming out soon as well.
Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields Part 1

Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields Part 2

Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields Part 3

ACF { ACF v4.3.0 released

After a long awaited arrival, the all new ACF v4.3.0 is out and available for download! To co-inside with this release, you will also find updates for both the repeater and flexible content field add-ons. This release includes some powerful functionality for sub field conditional logic, which I have showcased in a demo below. Via


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