WordCamp Atlanta Speaker

This winter Brett Bumeter of Softduit Media will be speaking at WordCamp Atlanta.  He’s going to offer up a session comparing the interactive SEO and Copywriting plugins Scribe SEO and InboundWriter.  Brett is no stranger to WordCamps.  He’s spoken at WordCamps in Birmingham, Boston, Raleigh Durham, and Las Vegas.   After living and working in the Atlanta area for years himself, he’s definitely looking forward to speaking at WordCamp Atlanta in February.  He spoke at an Atlanta WordPress meetup a couple years ago showing how easy it had become back then to start designing WordPress themes.
This session will be include an active demo of both tools and services, a review of their pricing plans and how to leverage the two plans together to get an even better result with your blog articles.  Brett has covered and trained many clients directly in the best practices of utilizing SEO Copywriting tools to generate better SERP results, and more importantly improve the content on a site such that it is readable and useful and brings the right  visitors to your site, not just accidental visitors from a Google search that land and bounce away from your article or site because a poorly optimized article ranked well on keyword tangents that were too far off the true topic.  He is a strong advocate for SEO Copywriting and a bit of a tool evangelist when it comes to the growing array of interactive SEO copywriting Plugin options that have been developed.  Tools such as Scribe SEO, Zemanta and InboundWriter are dramatically changing what a novice or even an advanced web writer can achieve with their content and their WordPress website.
WordCamps in general offer some of the most in depth looks at tools and best practices on the Web using WordPress, social media and design.  Tickets vary from event to event.  WordCamp Atlanta will offer tickets for $40, which is a massive bargain as compared to ‘social media’ or blogging or web or web advertising conferences that often charge 10 to 30 times as much as the ticket to a WordCamp.  They also offer many different sponsorship packages as well, which also tend to be significantly less expensive than comparable conferences and events.
If you can make it to WordCamp Atlanta, even if that involves a road trip or a short flight, it can still be a very valuable time investment and much cheaper than many other alternatives.  The Atlanta WordPress group is a well organized and highly active group of WordPress users, developers and enthusiasts.  This event will be held at the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) campus in Atlanta.  SCAD is one of the major sponsors of SouthbySouthWest in Austin and also happens to be the alma mater of Brett’s wife Becky Perkins.
Please follow @wordcampatl or @brettbum for more information.

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