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Finding the best Google Analytics App isn’t difficult, and you can test them out yourself for about $6-$7 per app.  There is definitely something extra useful about researching Google Analytics on an iPad.  The instant on of the iPad itself, the ability to quickly check things almost anywhere, saving time by avoiding the whole online process of Google Analytics which isn’t bad but somehow falls short of easy, all of that is better on the iPad in ways that is difficult to put into words.
I started with a free app and then upgraded to the paid version of the same Google Analytics app on my own iPad.  I now recommend it to all of my clients that have iPads.  This was actually one of the first apps, that helped me realize that an iPad could be useful and not just fun.
This is the version I use

This is the free version of the App I use

Here are a couple alternatives that I have not yet tested


I’ve found a great Google Analytics iPad App, but I’m always looking for a better tool.  Have you found one?

I came across a pair of apps Escoz, Inc. One is a Google Analytics App called Quicklytics for $1.99 and the other is a Google Adsense App called QuickAdsense for $0.99.  Both apps are ‘for’ the iPad, but the design and layout of the app looks like it is more of an tool for the iPhone that happens to work on the iPad.
I mention them here for two reasons.  First the price is cheap and if you just need the basics, these both seem to fit the bill respectively.
Second, I kind of like the basic layout of Escoz’s Google Analytics App.  Definitely not my first choice for doing heavy work, but nice and to the point for getting a very quick update without lots of slow loading fluff.

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