Every now and then, I’ll apply to an affiliate program for a product or service I love and low and behold, I get rejected. 🙁
So I then do the dance and send a reply asking for a reconsideration. Often times, the rejections are automated to ironically confirm that the person applying is a real person and not automatically applying!
From the perspective of the affiliate, that is a huge waste of time and very inefficient.

Enter VigLink!

They already have affiliate relationships with hundreds if not thousands of companies, and can automatically add the affiliate link via a script on your site.
All you have to do is sign up for an account, add your site(s).  And check their list of merchants to see if they already covered.  If they are, no need to apply.  If not, then try the old fashioned way and maybe tip off VigLink to go chase them down and do that work.

VigLink banner

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