I just installed the Standard Edition of Artisteer, and Artisteer will be available for Mac Users very soon. . . .

Here are some of the improvements added to Beta 2.2 coming from 2.1

The following is the summary of new changes and improvements:
Web Design Features

  • CSS structure changes by adding "art-" prefix to style classes to prevent conflicts with other CSS styles.
  • Simplified syntax for styling buttons and links: <input style="art-button">, <a style="art-button">


  • Resolved an issue with footer editing when the PHP option magic_quotes_gpc is turned on.


  • imageAdded support for module class suffixes


  • Resolved issues with the Menu not working properly in some cases
  • Resolved an issue with missing upload button
  • Resolved an issue with uploaded logos not appearing

If DotNetNuke doesn’t get you to interested in Artisteer, or if the ability to create WordPress themes and Drupal or Joomla templates isn’t cool enough because you are on a Mac, guess what?


Artisteer just finalized the Mac version of the program which will hopefully be available for download/trial/purchase very soon!  I know many many Mac users and designers out there that have been waiting for this and it is almost ready!

Artisteer + Themler Combo deal
Themler pricing page to design themes and templates

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