The lost Episode!  This is sort of a lost episode.  Way back when, we recorded this show on YouTube and labeled it Episode 30.  Then the next week, we recorded another show and called it episode 30.  Thing is we didn’t catch it until 4 episodes later.  So now we have two Episode 30’s.  We are now (as of the end of August) publishing this show here on the website and adding it to itunes as well.  We could have renumbered everything, but that might have confused things more on itunes and Youtube.  🙂

Are you a Thought Leader? If you look around and you don’t see a thought leader on your left, your right, in front of you, or behind you, maybe you could be it!
We’re not saying this is for everyone, but in this episode +Warren Whitlock and +Brett Bumeter discuss the concept of the thought leader, the business model of being a thought leader and some of the (not so) secret ingredients to help you thrive.

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