Video Summary
The video showcases Brett Bumeter address Warren Whitlock’s query about why WordPress Premium Themes are more preferable over Free Themes. Brett provides many advantages of using a paid premium theme while creating your website or blog, rather than opting for one of the hundreds of free theme designs available online.
Brett mentions he started off using free themes himself some years back, but then moved on to using the paid theme designs due to some major advantages which standout such as –

  • A paid premium theme has a framework behind it which one can use to change the skin and yet expect no surprises later on
  • One most important advantage to using a premium theme goes along the fact that these designs have been developed by paid designers. So you can expect them to be updated too whenever WordPress updates.
  • As WordPress shall evolve and continue to grow, these paid themes shall be tuned and updated to reflect that too, as compared to free themes where chances of getting an update are slimmer.
  • Free themes face a major update issue, due to the possibility of it being developed by multiple people, spread across different continents with language barriers, and who patched pieces of code together to create the theme.

Brett goes on to give the analogy of tagging the WordPress as a paper doll, whereas the theme is the clothing that you can choose to change the look, style and feel of the site. Themes could be swapped easily. With free themes, i.e. free doll clothing, one is not sure whether it shall fit your content or your version of WordPress. Add to it, there are plugins and applications which might not integrate correctly and function properly with a free theme. Premium themes take care of these issues since people are being paid to develop and maintain them.

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