10 Easy tips to Take your interview skills to 11!

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Client Tips

I came across this amazing article that I am sharing with you titled “How to get people to like you in 5 seconds or less.”  It’s written by a programmer from HBO who ran a web show for HBO called “III:am
Yes, that article title is much more click/like baity than my own here, which is more how to and practical. Odds are you will see the original on FB before you find this one.
That’s ok. I’m not the primary source, but just in case you missed it, do check it out!
It gives great tips on how to get the good and interesting stories out of people when you interview them whether you are podcasting, blogging, or doing a video interview or maybe even just out on a date.
Great tips!
Great ways to improve your skill sets and connect with people, don’t miss it!

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