How Fast is the Executive Pro Theme from StudioPress – Speed Test Comparison


A mobile responsive and HTML5 theme built for the Genesis Framework.  Executive Pro evolved from the Executive theme that was simply a 2 or 3-column Widget-ready child theme created for the Genesis Framework.  The new responsive version is so much more.

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Executive Pro Theme ver. 3.0

Theme Speed Test Video

Executive Pro version 3.0 on WPEngine

Theme video tutorial coming soon. If you would like us to expedite this process, please contact us.

With the right host or server configuration this theme can be plenty fast.  There is opportunity for improvement, especially with a mobile speed score on Google Page Speed Insights of 79.  If you are running the slider or images on the home page, make absolutely certain that those individual images are optimized for the web.  It wouldn’t hurt to run this site through Cloudflare and use the plugin from Yahoo!

Dec 2013 test

How fast is the Executive Pro theme from StudioPress out of the box?
(see the theme demo on studiopress )

We test it on WPEngine with the same demo setup used on StudioPress.

Show Notes

This is Brett from WPThemeSpeed and today were taken with the Executive Pro Theme from StudioPress we have set theme up on our own website and we want to see how fast it runs when we used to be the engine is the house’s have a baseline look at how fast this thing might be really Your URL and we usually start with Pingdom on today however when we ran the tests it came up with the an ability to connect the services of Pingdom problem not from their theme or website within with this is our second system that we always use it runs to test the check to see how fast it loads the first page load and then the repeat view second load of the site to get of sense of how fast it runs after your site and passions browser in this case the day cometh leaping into the first view came in at 1.3 seconds and the repeat few of the 0.15 seconds there is some room for improvement on this particular theme with the demo configuration we can see that the score in a speed insights from Google 79 for mobile so that’s up a little on the low side this JavaScript and CSS needs optimization we can see the desktop is little better 93 all of the images could use some improvement we don’t optimize the images we just love them straight in as they run on StudioPress we don’t run a CDN again we could run the contest we tried again but it just wasn’t working today so there you have it there’s the test results for

Result 1
Result 2

1st Load Speed
2nd Speed
,Genesis,,theme 3.0
Google Page Speed
,Genesis,,theme 3.0

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