How can I possibly be able to check if all of these have been transferred accurately from to the new managed wordpress site on Godaddy? I have many posts, pages, long site maps and menus.

There is no magic bullet that solves this question, but there are several concrete things that you can do. First, review and compare your new site with your old site.  Look specifically at the number of Posts, Pages, Comments etc.  Look for discrepancies in the numbers.  If there are 1601 Posts with 48 drafts and […]

Godaddy vs WPEngine & Pressable – Managed WP Hosting Migrations

In 2014, Godaddy started offering Managed WordPress Hosting, servers and configurations optimized specifically for WordPress. WPEngine and Pressable had been the first companies in this game several years earlier, powering their own servers with Rackspace hardware.  Both are awesome, once you have them up and running. Migrating a site into WPEngine or Pressable however is […]