How can I possibly be able to check if all of these have been transferred accurately from to the new managed wordpress site on Godaddy? I have many posts, pages, long site maps and menus.

There is no magic bullet that solves this question, but there are several concrete things that you can do. First, review and compare your new site with your old site.  Look specifically at the number of Posts, Pages, Comments etc.  Look for discrepancies in the numbers.  If there are 1601 Posts with 48 drafts and […]

Where would you update that DNS record to Update your A Record to point it to your IP Address?

In general, if you are migrating a site from to a Managed WordPress hosting plan on Godaddy, you may only need to repoint your DNS (Domain Name Server) settings.  This is a relatively simple process that can be managed wherever your domain name is registered (You may have registered your domain name with […]

What are the benefits or having a domain, instead of a subdomain?

When we say, “domain” vs a “sub domain”, we mean that a site has a unique domain name that is registered (like a lease not like owning a home).  The domain name will often look like: http://       YourUniqueDomainName      .com/.me/.co/.biz/.org    etc. that is different than the free sub domain […]

How can you tell that the domain mapping has completed?

There are a couple different ways including Simply looking at the individual post links in a browsers address bar.  If the hyperlink no longer shows your old when you are viewing a blog post, odds are it is done or close, and Better yet, login to the account (WordPress Admin area) and go to […]

What does Domain Mapping actually entail and involve? Wha is included in the actual domain mapping to prepare the site to be completely converted to another domain, say a .org, .com or some other domain?

The service that provides called ‘Domain Mapping’ is essentially just a process to redirect the free subdomain that they provide to a new domain that you might have or register (purchase). A redirect is sort of like an official (Google bot accepted) detour sign. It says our location has moved for our home […]

Moving to Godaddy – Keep your SEO Link Juice

In our first video, we talked about choosing the right Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting plan.  In this quick post, we want to show you how to save your SEO Link Juice on and prepare to send it to your new site and new domain name running on Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting (or any Managed […]

Moving to Godaddy – Choose the Right Plan

Looking to move a blog or website from over to a self installed (WordPress software running on a different server) version of WordPress powered by Godaddy Hosting, well this is part 1 in a simple guide to walk you through the process and migration. The first step is simple, you just need to spend […]

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